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ShenZhen AJS New Energy Technology  Co.,Ltd  is  located in Shajing ,Baoan district ,Shenzhen City , Our company were founded  in 2006, is an integrated company which integrate design, development and production together like a unit.The company has been taken “your health is our pursuit,make a green healthy living environment “as a goal, is a professional company engaged in active oxygen and environmentally friendly products .We are specializing in the production of environmentally friendly products: such as air purfiers , Car oxygen bar ,USB aromatherapy machine ,disinfector and negative ion purifier etc for household use . With 10000 square metres of industrial plants and production workshop, and a 30 person research and development team,all our products meets ROHS environment protection standards.

"Pragmatism, innovation, integrity, efficiency" is our ShenZhen AJS New Energy Technology Co.,LTD's business philosophy, we have professional technology and experience to win a large number of customers Our company has independent intellectual property, development and production of products that are widely used in the automotive, home, catering, entertainment, office, hotel and leisure, public places, etc. Our products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan, and Korea, Taiwan, and other regions.we takes "innovation-driven, environmental protection objectives"as a core cultural,looking forward to cooperate with you in the future ,we will provide you the best service.


Contact: Gang Chen

Phone: 18948191563

Tel: 0755-33185299 Ext 8006

Email: info@ajs.cc

Add: No.11 1st Road, Xiaoshan Industrial Park, Hongtian Village, Shajing Town, Bao’an District, Shenzhen 518125,China.

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