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For more conventional air purification process

Processing large particles of pollutants to indoor hard metal material coarse filter, conical shape, has high efficiency, low resistance, and its role is to filter contaminated air and medium-sized particles of solid contaminants and to promote large particulate pollutants (dust particle diameter of 0.5μm or more efficiency of 99.95%) fall to the bottom of the machine.

HEPA filter gall efficiency air filters, its diameter is 0.3μm particle removal efficiency (1/200 hair diameter) can reach more than 99.7%, the smoke, dust and bacteria and other pollutants in the most effective filtration media. The purpose here is to filter fine particles of solid contaminants.

Special effects include NICOLER air purifier sterilization technology, low-temperature plasma asymmetric air purification technology, ion wind technology, electrostatic dust removal technology, negative ion technology, ozone (reactive oxygen technology), ultraviolet light, herbal sterilization technologies.

NICOLER sterilization technology is based on the production workshop humidity, high temperature and the actual characteristics of smell, using the latest NICOLER three bidirectional plasma electrostatic field works, disinfection process: a reverse effect via high voltage direct current electrical pulse the plasma electrostatic field, generate a large number of plasma.

Under negative pressure fan, pollute the air with an electrostatic field through the plasma negatively charged bacteria are destroyed decomposition, so that the controlled environment is maintained at "sterile clean" standard. Low temperature plasma asymmetric module, through the high-pressure, high-frequency pulse discharge plasma is formed asymmetric electric field in the air collision between a large number of plasma cascade, a series of physical, chemical reaction "avalanche effect" type of hazardous gas and live viruses, bacteria and other rapid degradation, thus efficient antivirus, sterilization, to smell, smoke, dust, and no toxic substances, lifelong free washable, no need to replace any supplies, etc., the eleventh National Games air purification products also use this function.


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