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Air Purifier new evaluation criteria have been identified

Recently, the national standards committee approval of new amendments to GB/T18801-2015 Air Purifier, national standards, clear air purifiers basic specifications Air Purifier product marking and tagging, the new standards will be implemented on March 1, 2016.

Industry generally believed that new standard launch will effectively purify the Air Purifier market disorder, enhance the industry's development.

New standard clear has air purification device of basic technology index (core parameter) is "clean air volume" (referred to CADR value) and "cumulative purification volume" (referred to CCM value), that air purification device products of "purification capacity" and "purification capacity of continued sex"; will air purification device of noise limited value by low to high divided for 4 block; upgrade has air purification device for different pollutants purification capacity of energy efficiency level value, is divided into qualified and efficient two a grade.

New standard for perfect Air Purifier Products remove various purification ability of experiment methods of target pollutants, including particulate matter, the cumulative amount of purification of formaldehyde test methods, namely air purifiers clean life; for formaldehyde purification ability test and repeat the assessment.

New standards for tagging content for Air Purifier product specification stipulates that should include filter name, model, Purifier features, purification principle, key performance indicators, as well as the installation, maintenance, repairs and other considerations. New standard will facilitate air purifier manufacturers to strengthen control of the product, because the new national standard emphasizes the normality indicators CADR, long-term indicators of CCM, and clarified the content related to product performance, Air Purifier filter effects can be judged by CADR values for better or worse, this air purifier filter material and the use of fan relations.
Air Purifier manufacturers will buy filter material checks, will try to buy a more efficient filter as standard weapon. Meanwhile, the cumulative capacity of CCM will be more stringent than the standards of foreign countries, because it take fully into account the cleaner characteristics of the filter must be replaced for a long time is not a consumer, when the filter screen is too much particulate matter by adsorption purification effect is reduced, users must buy new aftermarket sources replace the filter. This necessarily requires manufacturers of filters when you purchase must take into account the durability, manufacturers of aftermarket systems also improve.


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