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Nano car air purifier market prospects

From national traffic Transport Department Technology Education Division was informed that, by China public vehicles mechanical limited, and Shanghai traffic University, and Shanghai Culture root environmental technology limited, and Jinlong (Suzhou) car joint company, and Kai car bus company common bear has joint research national traffic Transport Department bus within air purification sterilization out technology and the evaluation standard of research of project, development success has hi-tech---Nano light catalytic, and plasma composite type bus with type air purification sterilization device. According to experts, the device uses a catalyst of nano-TiO2 semiconductor materials, in particular wavelength ultraviolet radiation under strong activity and broad spectrum bactericidal effectiveness of redox capacity. Free electrons and holes and has very strong oxidation of hydroxyl to bacteria, viruses, proteins, its activity, its death, when most pathogenic micro-organisms in the air 99.8%. Its main functions are: to eliminate smoke, oxidation and decomposition of toxic organic compounds and inorganic compounds: formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, nitrogen oxides and other toxic and harmful gases, in the conditions of sustainable use, does not affect human health.
Efficiently kills bacteria, purify the air, manned a closed driving coach oxygen maintained at around 21% to be covered, does not cause hypoxia. The Purifier was developed based on a sense of social responsibility, and blocking the spread of diseases, guarantee safety and health reporting in the national project of the Ministry of transport.
Its high level of nano-photocatalytic plasma composite vehicle type air purification and sterilization equipment to replace the spray disinfection methods, after several years of constant innovation and improvement, repeatedly driving test, making this project reaches the Chinese State of air quality inside long distance bus requirements. Application as soon as possible in order to put this scientific research into productive forces, better traffic, has been formed in Taicang, Jiangsu green Qi Air Purifier Technology Co, pay close attention to production of high-tech buses with purification devices, in order to improve the air quality inside the car, sterilization, prevention and control of epidemic diseases play an innovative role in scientific research.


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