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New standard published Air Purifier set new standards?

National Standards Board recently approved released new amendment of GB/T18801-2015 air purification device national standards, clear has evaluation air purification device of basic technology index and air purification device products of logo and mark, future consumers purchase air purification device Shi to more reference products "clean air volume" (referred to CADR value) and "cumulative purification volume" (referred to CCM value), and non-manufacturers publicity of "removal rate". The new standards will be implemented on March 1, 2016.

Experts said the launching of new national standard will effectively purify the market turmoil, enhance the industry's development.

New national standards for the benefit of customers

At present, sales of air purifiers on the market most of the nominal with the exception of formaldehyde, odor removal, ultra-quiet, PM2.5 and other functions, and most of the products advertised removal rate of up to 90% per cent, but has not explained the application area, reach the desired cleaning time to removal rate and other critical information.

In order to attract consumers to purchase empty sign, confusing concepts and exaggerated publicity become that some companies sell stock, under in the absence of standards, consumers can only accept these exaggerated and ambiguous words. After the implementation of the new national standard, consumers can be based on a scientific evaluation of the Air Purifier "clean air" and "the cumulative capacity of" two basic specification, to buy air purifier.

These two indicators from the purification ability of Purifier performance and service life of two aspects is presented.

Added what's new highlights?

Compared with the old version of the national standard, new standard defines the basic specifications of Air Purifier (core parameters); Air Purifier noise limits divided into 4-speed from low to high, enhancement of energy efficiency air purifiers purification ability of different pollutants level, is a qualified and efficient two-level.

New standard for perfect Air Purifier Products remove various purification ability of experiment methods of target pollutants, including particulate matter, the cumulative amount of purification of formaldehyde test methods, namely air purifiers clean life; for formaldehyde purification ability test and repeat the assessment. In addition, the new standard also provides for manual annotation content should include filter name, model, Purifier features, purification principle, key performance indicators, as well as the installation, maintenance, repairs and other considerations.


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