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Homes air Purifier

  • Home air purifiers AH013
Home air purifiers AH013

Home air purifiers AH013

  • Multiple purification
  • effectively inhibit bacterial and remove dust
  • bring fresh air
  • Intelligent detection
  • Product description: Home air purifiers
I. Technical parameters

Model: AH013

Rated voltage: 220V

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Comprehensive purification efficiency:> 90%

Pollutant removal performance levels: A level

Operating noise: 47DB

Air volume: 175m3 / h

Dimensions: 29 * 16 * 51cm

Cable length: 1.6m

Weight: 4kg

II. Function Name

Turn on power supply, power supply pattern light, the buzzer will beep, air purifier is in standby mode.

1. ON / OFF, touch on / off key, turn on the air purifier, the initial low wind began to default status, working status open again to repeat the last shutdown, under any operating state of the touch key once to stop working.

2. Winds key

Winds touch keys, you can set the wind speed, wind speed divided into high, medium and low third gear: low gear, an indication

Lights; when the mid-range, two classes indicating light, when high-grade, three lights, generally recommended to use the mid-range wind speed, such as rest can sleep, it is recommended to use low wind, high-grade points due to strong wind speed, is recommended for fast clean indoor air or in crowded indoor use.

3. Anion key

For the convenience of users freely enjoy the anion, the anion air purifier specially set key, according to you needs, free to control, when you turn the key while turning Winds anion key, this air purifier will release negative ions again to form negative ions and They are rapidly released into the atmosphere in the room.

4. UV germicidal key

Touch the button from blue violet sterilization lamp emits ultraviolet light immediately, to ensure that wind through the air passage of 100% exposure, damage to the air in a variety of viral, microbial nucleic acid structure and function, sterilization, virus.

Since ultraviolet radiation on the human body has some damage, and because less than 0.5 hours, air cleaner will be able to purify all the air inside the room 30m2, it is strongly recommended not to use ultraviolet light continuously for a long time, and if possible, when no one is turned on, Please someone should be given after the time set point in the living room or turn off the power.

As far as possible to protect the user, our researchers will be negative and purple beads formed pyramids class layout, make full use of negative ions can absorb part of the ultraviolet light effect, reducing the escape of air purifiers ultraviolet

5. Timing button

Touch the timer button, turn on timing, the timing pattern of bright state can choose any 1-8 hour timer settings and displays given time to ask, continuously press this key, adjust the given time to ask, when adjusted to 8H, and then press to closing timing function.


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