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Purification series

  • Solar intelligent air purifier AS-1
  • Solar intelligent air purifier AS-1
  • Solar intelligent air purifier AS-1
  • Solar intelligent air purifier AS-1
Solar intelligent air purifier AS-1Solar intelligent air purifier AS-1Solar intelligent air purifier AS-1Solar intelligent air purifier AS-1

Solar intelligent air purifier AS-1

  • Intelligent detection of air quality
  • Multiple purification, sterilization dust
  • Solar energy power supply
  • Dual power mode
  • Product description: Solar intelligent air purifier AS-1

I. Technical parameters

Product model: AS-1

Power supply: 5V external power or solar charging

Solar Edition charge: 250ma per hour (the sun glare)

Anion concentration: 6000000 pcs / cm3

Host Size: 190 * 14 * 36mm

Net weight: 310g

Machine power: hourly power consumption 500ma, solar play a supporting role

Battery: 2000ma polymer

Application area: 3m2-20 m2

II. Instructions for use

1: Open the filtration and purification systems and anion purification system run for half an hour, the automatic detection mode into the air, good air quality and display the test results automatically after 5 minutes sleep, poor air quality, the entire air purification system air purification automatically starts once again.

2: Open air testing, air quality is detected, the test results show five minutes automatically shut down, and vice versa, automatically starts the entire air purification system.

3. Open the purification system to purify the system display shows system status display and battery charge and air quality testing head detecting air quality icon.

4. If the air quality tests showed smiling faces, good air quality, air quality is generally displayed yellow face, a red sad face if the poor display quality, should be open ventilation facilities.

5. Solar energy saving and play auxiliary charging effect, the sunlight is not strong mainly through the cigarette lighter plug to charge.

III. Product Features

1. The elimination of all kinds of bacteria and germs, photocatalyst can occur through a special role, a variety of common bacteria and germs can be very effective in killing

2. Avoid recurrent rhinitis, can absorb more than 0.1 mm all air suspension, air pollution is replaced with fresh air, so as to effectively reduce and prevent the occurrence and worsening rhinitis

3. Reduce the number of asthma attacks, the air in the second-hand smoke, formaldehyde, suspended solids, and other allergens. After being inhaled asthma will lead to severe breathing, negative ion air purification function effectively eliminate one of these risks

4. prevent allergy, pollen, dust mites and other allergens in patients with air, all original by precipitation purification allergy, decomposition, so as to prevent allergies.

IV. product manual

1. The use of the world's leading nano photocatalyst coating technology can be quickly catalytic treatment of harmful substances in the air

2. produce high concentrations of negative ions, air purification

3. The effective elimination of air in a variety of harmful gases and odors

4. The interior decoration, beautifying effect the environment

5. patent certificate, one year warranty


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