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Purification series

  •  Anion Aroma Purifier AS-3
  •  Anion Aroma Purifier AS-3
 Anion Aroma Purifier AS-3  Anion Aroma Purifier AS-3

Anion Aroma Purifier AS-3

  • Simple and stylish, clean and efficient
  • 360 degrees purify
  • Independent fan noise, energy efficient
  • PET, HEPA filters, activated carbon filters triple purification
  • Product description: Multiple purification ,effectively inhibit bacterial and remove dust ,bring fresh air

I.Technical  Parameters

Power supply: 5V external power supply
Power consumption: ≤ 0.6
Anion concentration: 3000000 pcs / cm3
Ozone concentration: ≤ 0.002 ppm
Scope: car, home, office, gift, hotel, leisure and entertainment

II.Product Functions

1, added anion: anion known as the "longevity factor." Air anion can act directly on the human central nervous system and blood circulation among people effectively improve brain function, enhance the body immunity, promote metabolism, regulate nerve function, eliminating human fatigue.

2, sterilization: negative ions can inhibit bacterial, viral growth. Natural essential oils can purify the air, disinfection, sterilization effect, while preventing a number of infectious diseases.

3, dust: negative ions have a strong role in the dust. Aeroanion easily adsorbed onto the smoke, dust and other suspended particles and positively charged particles to produce neutralizing effect, precipitated by land, received smoke and dust, fresh air of the effect.
4, physical conditioning: natural essential oils have "Western medicine," she said after the olfactory nerve into the brain, stimulates the anterior cerebral lobe secretes endorphin and enkephalin Jig Jig two hormones, so that the spirit presents very comfortable status. You can also penetrate through the skin into the blood circulation, can effectively conditioning the body to achieve a soothing effects.
5, health, physical therapy: essential oils known as "plant hormones," said, can enhance physical and mental performance. Nature of many essential oils and human hormones, like the human body has an important role. Essential oils are very helpful for many diseases, treatment with the drug, allowing the disease faster recovery.
6, fresh air: natural plant extracts essential oils pure quality, gentle, pleasant aroma, have the effect of aromatherapy, effective purification car, home, office, entertainment and other places of air, the air fresh and pleasant.
1, high: sterilization, odor, dust, Qudu, smoke, complementary anion
2. simple: portable, easy to use.
3, low energy consumption: Use no more than three month's consumption of electricity.
4, covering a large area: the effective coverage area of a product of about 15 square meters.
5, the purification speed: natural circulation purification, purification rapidly.
6, stable and secure.
7, petite size, beautiful appearance, low price.


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