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Homes air Purifier

  • Home air purifiers AH011
  • Home air purifiers AH011
Home air purifiers AH011Home air purifiers AH011

Home air purifiers AH011

  • Multiple purification
  • effectively inhibit bacterial and remove dust
  • bring fresh air
  • Intelligent detection
  • Product description: Home air purifiers

I.Technical parameters

Product model:AH001

Rated power:45w

Rated voltage:220v

Rated frequency:50Hz

II.Use Instructions

aa.A control and manual

Plug in the power, press the power button to start, start the purifier body, adjustable speed, press the key air quality, air quality, this time from the light sensor preheat for about 60 seconds while air quality quickly identify the current space. Depending on air quality air LED light color represents the current air quality.

ab. Automatic mode

After starting product, built-in air quality sensor automatically detects the indoor air quality, after activating the automatic mode, the product will be based on measured air quality, to select the most suitable wind speed.

Note: air aura will automatically turn on automatic mode, you can manually shut down the aura.

ba: When the indoor temperature is too high, the air mass sensor may form condensation, this time even if the air quality is very good, the air quality indicator lights may also indicate poor quality.

In this case, the automatic mode will cause the product fan speed operation. To solve this problem, simply clean the air mass sensor, often for environmental reasons if the formation of condensation, it is recommended that you use one of the manual wind speed settings.

bb: manual adjustment Winds:

Press the key to continuous wind speed, you need to select the wind speed, the high-strength low wind speed indicator will light up accordingly.

Note: poor indoor air quality, the need for additional super airflow selective enhancement of wind velocity.

special function


The machine adopts the fourth gear to control speed, automatic mode to control one / two / third gear, turn off the automatic mode, manual control can Winds fourth gear. One green lantern gear, second gear blue lights, three / four red lantern stall.

Child Lock:

In order to prevent children not touch other keys, causing the product does not work, especially set the child lock button! Child lock button long press 3 seconds to lock the function keys effective, To turn, according to the child lock three seconds to re-opened. All function keys restore.

Filter cleaning:

Usually set the time 1000 hours or 2 months to clean up a reminder;

Ah1 displays the corresponding icon lights up, the buzzer alarm automatically,

Every minute there twice ding warning tone, indicating that the filter needs cleaning

Lifting methods:

After the machine is plugged in, not turned down to standby after a long press the function button for 5 seconds UV hear warning tone described releasing successful.

Product Features

Remote control

This paragraph air purifier, you can control all functions within eight meters, increasing the user-friendly design, improve work efficiency.

This product also increases the PM2.5 display, automatic detection value of PM2.5 air power, also showed values in the work environment, it will change from time to time according to the value of PM2.5 purification conditions, to achieve the best results, when less than 15 indoor PM2.5, PM value display LO, if the display - Description PM2.5 value of more than 500, especially in a closed environment effect is more prominent, allowing users a more intuitive and user-friendly experience perfect design.


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