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Humidification series

  • Lover series purifying aromatherapy humidifier AL-2
Lover series purifying aromatherapy humidifier AL-2

Lover series purifying aromatherapy humidifier AL-2

  • Efficient dust sterilization
  • Powerful
  • It carries a small volume
  • Good wetting effect
  • Product description: Lover series purifying aromatherapy humidifier AL-2
. Technical Parameters

Product model: AL-2

Power supply: DC5V or homes voltage

Power consumption:<0.5W

Anion concentration: 300,0000pcs/s


Net weight: 0.2kg

II. Product Functions

1. Adding anion: Anion is regarded as "air vitamin" and "longevity element". Anion in the air can directly act on human central nerves and blood circulation, effectively improve brain functions, enhance rganism immunity, promote metabolism, adjust nervous functions, and allay fatigue.

2. Sterilization: Anion can inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses. The pure essential oil provides functions of air purification, disinfection, sterilization, as well as prevention of some infectious diseases.

3. Dust removal: With strong dust collecting function, anion in the air can be easily absorbed on smoke, dust and other suspended particles, and neutralize with electropositive particles. As a result, the suspended particles precipitate and fall. In this way, smoke prevention, dust control and air purification are achieved.

4. Physical conditioning: The pure essential oil is praised as "Chinese medicine in western countries". After entering the brain through olfactory nerves, the oil can stimulate the prefrontal lobe to secrete two types of hormones (endorphin and enkephalin) and enable the best mental comfort state. It can also enter blood circulation through skin permeation and facilitate body adjustment.

5. Health care and physiotherapy: Essential oil has long been known as "plant hormone" that can enhance physical and mental functions. Many types of oil have the same quality as human hormone that is important to human body. Also, essential oil is helpful to the treatment of many diseases, and enables faster recovery when combined with drug therapy.

6. Refreshing the air: The plant-extracting natural essential oil is of pure quality and mild with pleasant aroma. It delivers the effect of aromatherapy, and can effectively purify the air in cars, houses, .

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