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  •  Fog machine ALK-1
  •  Fog machine ALK-1
  •  Fog machine ALK-1
  •  Fog machine ALK-1
  •  Fog machine ALK-1
  •  Fog machine ALK-1
 Fog machine ALK-1 Fog machine ALK-1 Fog machine ALK-1 Fog machine ALK-1 Fog machine ALK-1 Fog machine ALK-1

Fog machine ALK-1

  • Bactericidal anti-virus
  • Removal of formaldehyde
  • Odor removal
  • Nanometer atomization
  • Product description: Fog machine ALK-1
I. Technical parameters
Product Model: ALK-1
Rated voltage:
Current Rating:
Warm-up time:
Disinfectant Capacity: 100 ml
Weight: 2160g
Size: 23 * 30 * 16cm
II. Instructions
1: disinfectant bottle sterilizer machine with the right amount of disinfectant, injection (using a dedicated disinfectant, prohibited the use of other liquids!)
2: Check the power supply voltage is consistent with the disinfection of the rated working voltage (220VAC 50HZ), SAA power outlet must be connected with a ground wire (live, neutral and ground), 220V 10A above the rated current.
3: The power supply disinfection switch is set off the seat, and then connect the power cord into the sterilization machine and a power outlet, the cooling system starts running, the power switch ON seat (power switch prompt lights), intelligent heating system to work, the heating time working environment relationship, the heating is completed, the green light on the button to start disinfection bright.
When you press the start button sterilization, disinfection start disinfection, disinfection mist spray mouth spray, release the button to start disinfection, disinfection fog ejection stop, or use the remote control Intelligent Start / Stop disinfection (first working smoke machine: 4. , less likely to smoke or discharge a small amount of water vapor, is normal)
5: After completion of sterilization, disinfection of the power switch OFF seat until five minutes inside the sterilization temperature to normal, unplug the power cord.
III. Product Features
1: Sterilization: odor remover, virus growth, natural essential oils purify the air, disinfection, sterilization effect, while preventing a number of infectious diseases.
2: removal of formaldehyde: formaldehyde scavenger use high-tech environmental technology, according to the principles of formaldehyde and other harmful gases given plant uptake of natural development, this product contains plant extracts, organic solvent-free, is a green product, you can quickly effectively remove the air of harmful pollutants such as formaldehyde, purify the air.
3: Remove odor: odor removal agent Suppliers of new environmental technologies, according to the principle of a given odor and harmful gases absorb natural plant development, this product contains a plant extract, does not contain organic solvents, it is a green product, fast effective odor removal odor, effectively improve air quality.
4: Nano spray: using international leader in nanotechnology and pure plant oil spray can absorb more than 0.1 mm all air suspension, the polluted air is replaced with fresh air, the air fresh and pleasant.

5: Aroma liquid: Using a variety of ways and pure water plant edible vegetable oil spray, to make room to maintain a high humidity and a certain amount of natural negative oxygen ions to purify the air, while achieving the effect of aromatherapy, adjuvant therapy and leaving a sense of ease, hypertension, bronchitis and other diseases, and the nervous system, the cardiovascular system and the body's metabolism play a protective role


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